As we begin to emerge from a time of solitude and isolation, Breaking the Waves brings together the works of 14 artists and artist collectives from all over the world, exploring discussion and dialogue as a cornerstone of contemporary art, and highlighting the role of communication and social interaction in contemporary practice. In addition, this exhibition also explores the various potentials of art as a means of development, communication and contact, and reveals various ways of communicating and connecting with the world through art.

The exhibition title, Breaking the Waves, refers both to persistence, and the endlessly repeating climax of waves breaking on a shore, and to the act of swimming against the tide, or coming up for air. In the current moment, it also seeks to convey optimism about the latent potentials for renewal as we slowly begin to re-enter a world reshaped following the outbreak of COVID-19. As a celebration of art’s propensity for thinking differently and going against the grain, the exhibition seeks to speak to community, solidarity and the inspiring, sometimes challenging visions of new futures and new possibilities that art is uniquely placed to offer.

Installation view at 'Breaking the Waves'