The Urbanites


03.07.2013 – 30.07.2013


10 am – 10 pm (Monday to Sunday)


(K11 Showcases) G/F – L/3

Proudly presented by K11 Art Foundation and sponsored by New World Development Company Limited, The Urbanites, Almond Chu’s solo exhibition features the artist’s well-selected collection of 19 works in around 20 years, including black and white, colour, traditional photographic film and digital photography masterpieces. A number of new works are also on display.

Almond Chu’s portrait art photography always shows its special allure, he has captured the personality of new generation well-known artists. This exhibition will show the audience Chu’s creation progression on portrait art photography during times. On the day of exhibition opening, a Photography Book also entitled ‘The Urbanites’ will be launched simultaneously which includes 80 pieces of Chu’s works in around 30 years. Those works captured the most decisive moment for the art and cultural sector and together with 5 short films represent a perfect interpretation for ‘Urbanites’.

Urbanites are citizens who have a unique and optimistic outlook on life; they are a group of people nurtured by vivid neon lights and modern skyscrapers of international metropolises. These people are described as city-proud, media-literate, brand-centric, trend-sensitive and culturally-aware. Possessing a strong recognition of their urban identities, urbanites expect their own living to be meaningful embraced with interesting experiences; their jobs to be fulfilling and enjoyable; their lives to be lived holistically and successfully.

K11 invites you to the photo exhibition to explore the personality of the urbanites and their own life philosophy in their city. We hope every one of you would be an urbanite to nurture cities with your innovative energy. Please play a part in supporting local art development by participating in the exhibition and recommending it as well as the short films to your friends.