Ahn Sang-soo

Collaborated Project:

One Eye Exhibition

Graphic Designer and typographer Ahn Sang-soo obtained his BFA and MFA from Hongik University in Seoul. He also received his Ph.D in 1996 from Hanyang University in Seoul and Honorary Doctor of Design in 2001 from Kingston University, London.

After college, Ahn worked for an advertising agency for five years. From 1981 to 1985 he worked as an art director for Madang and Meot magazine. Subsequently he started Ahn Graphics design firm. In 1991 he began his professorship in Typography at Hongik University, his alma mater. Moreover, he has been the editor and art director of the underground art-culture magazine since 1988.

Internationally, Ahn was vice-president 1997-2001 of Icograda and the chairman of Icograda Millennuim Oullim Congress 2000 as well as TypoJanchi 2001. Ahn has also done various individual and group exhibitions in many countries around the world. He is the 1998 recipient of the Grand Prix of Zgraf8, and the 2007 Gutenberg Award from Leipzig, Germany.

His major projects include new design system for the Korean Buddhist Chogye Order (2004), Ssamzie Art Book (1997), Life-peace movement symbol (2004) and cultural posters. One of his most notable contributions is his continual development of new Hangul typefaces.